Professional Carpet Cleaning

Please, see what our service includes: inspection of the materials of the textile flooring and the origin of the stains. Then he will apply proper detergent to treat the dirty patches and will shampoo the carpet with hist powerful machine and then extract approximately 95% of the moisture and with that all the dirt will…

Rug cleaning

Our technicians posses the expertise to clean any kind of fiber with no hustle and remove all kind of stains. They use strong but toxic free and bio friendly cleaning liquids, and very powerful machinery with which they shampoo the rug and extract the excess moisture.

Sofa and Upholstery Cleaning

Your upholstered furniture collects tons of dust that can cause different diseases. However we use eco friendly and toxic free cleaning detergents that will remove all the dirt and stains from your sofa, armchairs or other upholstered furniture. Just call us and ask for your free quotation!

Mattress Cleaning

You spend spend one third of your day in your bed, so you need to ensure that it is clean from dust, dead skin flakes and other body liquids, that are usually harmless but still can cause different diseases. We have powerful machinery and effective cleaning liquids to remove all the filthiness easy and without harming your mattress.

Curtains Cleaning

We all have unpleasant experience with the painful unhanging and hanging of the heavy curtains. Now we use new method for curtain cleaning, our specialist will use his strong machine to wash the curtains safely and for no time. The final result will be freshly cleaned curtains.

Jet Washing

If you need expert to help you cleaning your neglected patio, contact us at your first availability and we will organise the service for you. We use high class and brand new equipment to remove all the grease and grime effectively and fast. Our service is suitable for driveways, patios, decking and side walks.